Yoon Hyup is a New York based artist, born and raised in Seoul, Korea.
Yoon Hyup captures images and sounds from urban surroundings, which are filled with energy of rushing people, traffic, music, street sounds, skateboarding. He also explores old places, where they still keep the past generation’s voices and life style, such as the fresco in temples and the paintings of old architectures. His primary choice of colors are influenced by the nature and Obangsaek, the Korean word describing the idea that the five colors - blue, red, yellow, white, and black - have each of their own directionality.

From canvases to walls, galleries to global brands - Nike, Jordan, Rag & Bone, Facebook and Universal Music Group - Yoon Hyup has been actively selecting opportunities to communicate with public. His work has been featured in IdN, +81 Magazine, GQ, Nylon, W Magazine and more. 

Email: info.ynhp@gmail.com
Instagram : @YNHP
Facebook: Facebook.com/yoonhyup
Twitter: @Yoonhyup

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